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Wild AF Wine

2023 Wild AF Sparkling White Four-Pack

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Made from de-alcoholized California Chardonnay and Muscat with no added sugar or juice. Simply premium wine with the alcohol removed. Served in an environmentally friendly can, perfect to enjoy served over ice and always better when shared with friends.

Tasting notes: Summer day in a can! Notes of lemon, nectarine, and Jasmine. Pairs well with pasta, salmon, a pool party, and so much more!

Ingredients: just de-alcoholized California chardonnay and muscat wine

Customer Reviews

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Shelley Shaw
Love it!

Absolutely love Wild AF. I always look forward to my shipment arriving! It is my Friday afternoon unwind drink.

Kathleen Lax
Af wines

Very good. Best NA!

Julie Taylor
Happy AF with this AF wine

Love both the white and the rose. They are NOT sweet, and really taste like wine to me (with NONE of the downsides of the real deal). I gave up all alcohol in 2021 and didn't even bother with alcohol free wines because ones I'd tried years ago were sweet and fake and gross tasting. Wild AF is so crisp, refreshing and has that tart, dry taste of real wine, bc that's what it is, just with the alcohol removed. De-alcoholized wines are a game changer. Glad to have these now so I can enjoy a glass of fizz in social situations. Thank you Wild AF!! :D

Tasty AF White

Wow! Surprise, Wild AF produces a good white, too! See my Rose praises that fully apply to this white. I left my first try in the freezer too long (we were excited to have a taste)... Ice cold is encouraged. Give this a try, there is no other comparison.

Heather Mitchell

I have been a subscriber of Wild AF sparking rose, so I was excited to try the new sparkling white. I think I like it even better than the rose. One of the things I like about Wild AF wines is that they are not sweet. So many other wines on the market are so sugary. This white is DRY! And the carbonation makes it so refreshing. I am headed to a girls weekend and will be sending a few 4-packs ahead so I can carry around that glass of wine without feeling like crap the next day.