Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us about your pricing 

A bottle of wine is 750ml or 25.4oz. Typically a bottle of wine is $10 and up, with most being $15-20. Other non-alcoholic wine producers charge around $30 for a bottle. With Wild AF, you get 48oz (or nearly two botttles) for $28.

I'm having trouble with the wine fizzing or foaming over, what can I do?

The best way to prevent this is a stable (we recommend cold) temperature and slow opening. Barely crack the can and let out a bit of pressure, pour, and enjoy!

Why is it called "alcohol-removed" wine?
We start with real wine, and use spinning cone technology to separate alcohol from the remaining wine. Thus, we’ve removed the alcohol from a wine.

Is there alcohol in WILD AF wine?
WILD AF wine contains 0.5% or less which is the requirement for Alcohol-Removed wine.

Does it taste just like wine?
Yes! We started the business with the question of “why can’t non-alcoholic wine taste like regular wine, and we spent over a year in product development to bring you something we’re proud of.

What is the difference between “alcohol-removed wine” and grape juice?
Alcohol removed wine takes grapes that have been fermented to create wine and removes the alcohol. The fermentation process create a different aroma and flavor profile that simply can’t be replicated by juice. And, because Wild AF only removes the alcohol and doesn’t add sugar or juice, you get the closest thing to wine on the market but without the alcohol.

Where does the wine come from?

We partner with a winemaker in Lodi California and spend months on development for each batch. It's not easy to find the perfect grapes and blend to come out of de-alcoholization at our standard without post-production additions.